Granada Street Kids operates a residential school in Granada, Nicaragua for at risk teen boys. The name of our school is Escuela Nueva Vida (School of New Life). Here the boys live, work, study and play. Our campus consists of a 1.3 acre enclosed facility   comprised of dormitory rooms for 30 boys,  classrooms for teaching academics courses, a computer lab, a soccer field and a volleyball court. We have 10 Nicaraguan employees to include a School Director, teachers, a cook, a maintenance man and security guards.
In a typical school day, the boys attend 5 hours of academic classes and 1 hour of computer class. The boys also have a period of physical education daily. After classes are over at 3pm the boys have free time when they usually play soccer or volleyball. After dinner, the boys play table games, watch TV or play soccer or volleyball on a small lighted field we have on our campus.
Each week the boys are permitted to spend Saturday afternoons, Saturday night and Sunday visiting their families if they wish. Because of some familiy situations, some boys choose to remain at the school. Saturday mornings we  often take the boys on an outing to the lake or a local attraction.