Volunteers are needed to work directly with the boys at Escuela Nueva Vida. Typically, volunteers might assist in the academic classroom or the computer lab. Or perhaps teach English. Or help chaperone the boys on outings. Or teach soccer skills. Or go with us to the park or the barrios to find and befriend street kids. If your Spanish language skills are not sufficient to work directly with the boys, we can find work for you to do on the campus like painting walls or helping out in the kitchen. Let us know what your skills and interests are, and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Ideally, we’d like volunteers to commit to at least 6 months with us, but if that’s not possible, let us know what your available time is.

Granada is a beautiful place to be a volunteer. You’ll find lots of other volunteers here from around the world working with an assortment of different projects. Sometimes volunteers split their time between projects or between working at a project and studying Spanish at one of the many Spanish language schools here.

At Escuela Nueva Vida we have available a dorm room for volunteers. Depending on the length of your commitment, there is no charge for staying there. Also, volunteers can eat three meals a day with the kids at no charge. For those staying in the dorm room, we have some rules of course, but typically volunteers are free to walk into town in the evening to enjoy the night life.

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with us, contact Tom Mueller at vccmueller@hotmail.com  
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