In many ways Granada is like much of Nicaragua. Very poor. Poverty everywhere. Houses made of tin and cardboard. Dirt floors. Single moms. Dysfunctional families. Fatherless kids.

Many of these children don’t attend school. Perhaps never have. Uniforms and school supplies are too expensive. They can barely read or write. Instead, they spend their lives on the streets of their barrio or in Granada’s central park. Bored. Getting into trouble. Wasting their lives. No future. No hope.

In some cases the family situation is so bad that the boys prefer to have little to do with the family. Rather, they spend all their time on the street, day and night, begging for food and money and getting into trouble.

Granada Street Kids exists to help these children. To provide them with the opportunity to lead a more normal childhood. To provide them with educational training. To prepare them for adulthood. To provide them with moral guidance and to offer them love and emotional security. To provide them with an opportunity. To provide them with hope.