Organize a Sales Event at Your School

What you can do: Want to do something to help street kids living in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (second only to Haiti)? Want to get involved in a hands-on international service project? Want to do something worthwhile that’s also a lot of fun? Want to raise money for your own organization or club? You can do all of this by organizing a sales event at your school and giving your fellow students the opportunity to buy the colorful handicrafts made by the boys of Granada Street Kids!

How to do it: It’s not that hard. We’ll provide you with most of the things you need. Your job will be to first develop your plan. Decide the when and the where. Maybe the school cafeteria or a commons area where you can set up a couple of tables covered with colorful handicrafts and the photo display board we’ll send you. You might choose to spread the event out over several days or a whole week. You’ll have to brainstorm ideas for advance advertising, such as creating posters or displaying sample handicrafts where other students will notice them. You’ll have to decide who’s going to staff the tables, how you’ll safeguard the handicrafts during the day and overnight and how you’ll secure the money from sales. You’ll need to get permission from your school administration. When you think you’ve got a workable plan, email us and we’ll get your shipment out to you.

Handicrafts we’ll send: We’ll send you far more handicrafts than you’ll probably sell. This way there will be a table top full of colorful handicrafts for your fellow students to look through so they can find the item that is just right for them. Most of the handicrafts will be tagged with the name and picture of the teen boy who made it. You’ll receive hundreds of colorful Friendship Bracelets as well as a variety of seed jewelry items and colorful shoulder bags and purses.. Any items that you don’t sell just send back to us after your sales event. We provide you with a postage paid box for this purpose. You’ll only be charged for the items you don’t return to us.

Customized Friendship Bracelets: If you have an interest in colorful, hand-woven Friendship Bracelets that contain special initials, you can order those at no extra charge. Choose up to four initials and two colors of your choice (see the photos for examples). Although there’s no extra charge to customize your bracelets, we cannot accept for return those customized bracelets that you don’t sell. You’ll be charged for each customized bracelet that we send you. Also, we’ll need a little more time for the boys at our school in Nicaragua to fill your customized order.

Costs: You'll need to make a decision regarding the purpose of your sales event. If you decide the purpose is soley to raise money to help support the work of Granada Street Kids, then you'll be sending to us all the money you receive for each item you sell. For example, for each Friendship Bracelet (pulsera) that  you sell for $5.00, you'll send us $5.00.

On the other hand, if you decide that you want to use your sales event also as a fund raiser for your own club or organization, then you would send us only part of the money you receive for each item you sell. For example, for each Friendship Bracelet (pulsera) that you sell for $5.00, you would send to us $4.00 and keep the other dollar for yourselves. We require that you send us at least 80% of the recommended sale price. Along with the items we will send you, we'll indicate the recommended sale price for each item and let you know the minimum amount you'll need to send to us for each item you sell. 
There’s no need to send us money prior to your sales event. At the conclusion of your sales event, you’ll send back to us the handicrafts you didn’t sell. You’ll enclose a check made out to Granada Street Kids for the handicrafts you did sell. Every penny of the money you send us goes to Nicaragua to support the work of Granada Street Kids.

Let’s do it: Send an email to us at Tell us your name, your organization and your school. Give us the address the UPS driver should deliver to along with the name of the individual who should sign for receipt. We’ll need a phone number for you and also for another involved person, such as a faculty adviser if you’re in high school. Briefly describe how and when you’re planning to organize your sales event, the approximate number of items you might expect to sell and the date you’ll be returning to us your unsold items along with your check. We’ll email you back with any questions we have and then we’ll send you the following by UPS:

  1. Hundreds of colorful handicraft items as pictured on this website.
  2. A tri-fold photo display which can be placed prominently at your sales table.
  3. A CD of our 10 minute video telling the story of Granada Street Kids.
  4. A box that you’ll use to return to us unsold items along with your check made out to Granada Street Kids. In the box you'll find a postage paid shipping label that you can stick on the box. Then take the box to a UPS pickup site.

One Other Thought: We invite schools or school groups to develop an ongoing relationship with us. For example, a service organization might have an interest in adopting us as a special project or a Spanish Club might be interested in setting up regular email communications with our students. Let us know what your idea is. It’s a great opportunity for service and cultural exchange.

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