Granada Street Kids is a California non-profit corporation founded in 2010. Our purpose is to provide charitable services to at risk youth in Granada, Nicaragua.

We have received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity. All of the funding for this project is provided through donations by interested individuals. The project has no specific religious affiliation and is open to all.

This web site exists to inform you about the services we’re providing to these children and to invite you to join with us in this endeavor. We encourage you to look into what we do, ask us questions and then get involved. Your involvement could include:
  1. Watch a short video about Granada Street Kids.

  2. Visit us for a few days or a week, share part of yourself with our kids, and explore Granada.
  3. Commit several months to working with us as a volunteer.
  4. Organize a group of adults or kids to visit us.
  5. Volunteer to work with us from your own home in helping us with our website, newsletters and social networking sites.
  6. Help provide the funding for our operating budget.
  7. Help provide the funding for big-ticket items, like a minivan to transport the kids or the swimming pool we’d like to build.

    As you read through this site, we invite you to contact us with your questions related to the services we provide or how you can help. Share with us your ideas about how we can improve or expand the services we provide. Get to know us. Get involved.